About Us

Heed The Word Of God On A Much Deeper Level When You Become Part Of Justus Services/The New Generation In Jerusalem. Our Christian Ministry In Detroit, Michigan, Wants To Bring You Closer To God’s Loving Grace. Come And Join A Movement That Will Change Your Life And The Lives Of Those Around You.

Our Leader's Profile

Our Ministry Is Led By Jehovah Mitchell, Author Of Help Me To Live Right. He Ran For Mayor Of Detroit In 2009. His Generosity Of Heart Has Been Proven Many Times.

Reaching Out to Jehovah

Jehovah Has A Radio Show Called Real Talk With Awakened Angels Jehovah & Gabriel On 1440AM WMKM Detroit. It Airs Every Sunday From 10:30 A.M. To 11 A.M. And Features A Live Guest Every Week. You Can Call In To Give Him A Testimony About Your Faith Or To Be Blessed With His Prayers.

Our Holy Duty

All Around The World, People Are Coming. They Are Coming To Be Transformed From Their Old Ways To The Ways Of The Lord. So Many People In The World Have Fallen Short, But You Can Still Reach God's Kingdom With Our Help. Right Now Is The Time To Make That Change In Your Life. Grace Is Given To The Humble, And Humility Will Be Your Ticket To The Kingdom Of God.